Tote Bags and Accessories

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Green Apple Logo Mug
Model: muglogo
A standard-size matte-black ceramic coffee mug featuring the Green Apple logo and a glossy green interior. Just what you need to power you through your morning crossword session.

Green Apple Ceramic Mug
Model: mugcer
Enjoy your favorite hot beverage on-the-go with a sturdy ceramic mug, snugly fitted with a green rubber top.

Pop-up Tote Bag
Model: poptote
A durable canvas tote adorned with a 3D pop-up book rendering of the Green Apple storefront.

Paul Madonna Green Apple Bag
Adorned with local artist Paul Madonna's rendering of the store. Perfect size, so very SF.

Green Apple "Original" Canvas Bag
Model: BAG

Green Apple 35th Anniversary Bag
Model: BAG35

Green Apple "SF" Canvas Bag
Model: BAGSF